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Southern Oregon University

Students in recovery who participate in collegiate recovery programs have higher grade point averages, higher persistence rates, and higher graduation rates. Participating in Collegiate Recovery will provide individual support for recovery, academic success, social engagement, and personal development.

Social Students in recovery have additional strengths and challenges when compared with their non-recovering peers. To that end, we seek to create a vibrant social community that is supportive and protective of recovery. The activities calendar is developed each term by participants.
Recovery Participants engage in twice weekly recovery sustainment groups, as well as their applicable twelve step meetings on campus and are also welcome to engage in counseling or clinical case management.
Academic Participants may elect to work with our pre-major academic advisor and/or our Student Services Case Manager in developing success plans that promote success in recover and in the classroom.
Personal Participants engage in case management to facilitate utilization of on and off campus resources and services, as well as to ensure academic and social engagement and success.