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Southern Oregon University

Associate Professor of Communication

Office: Churchill 113
Phone: (541) 552-6121

Currently serving as Associate Provost and Director of Graduate Studies for the university, Jody Waters has been on faculty at SOU since 2004. Her research and teaching interests include intercultural and international communication, third world development, communication and social change, the communication of social issues such as poverty, hunger and homelessness, migration, and local and transnational social movements. In the course of her research, Dr. Waters has traveled to communities in Central and South America, Mexico, the US, and Canada, and she works locally in food security, homeless advocacy and other initiatives that aim to increase understanding and mitigation of local social problems. At SOU, her committee work has included Faculty Senate, Community-Based Learning, Intercollegiate Athletics, and University Studies.


Provost's Office


Ph.D., Radio-TV-Film/Latin American Studies, 2002
University of Texas at Austin

M.A., Communication Studies, 1991
University of Calgary

B.A., Mass Communication, 1989
Carleton University


Comm 125: Interpersonal Communication
Comm 200: Communication Across Cultures
Comm 300: Communication Research Strategies
Comm 301: Communication Theory
Comm 332: Discourse Analysis of Social Problems: Hunger & Homelessness
Comm 460B: Communication and Third World Development
Comm 460C: Identity and Culture