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Southern Oregon University


The Communication Studies concentration focuses on the study of how human beings create meaning through the exchange of verbal, nonverbal and mediated messages.

In the Communication Studies curriculum, students learn how to competently create and critically consume messages in both written and oral forms, and became adept at the skills and underlying theories of such topics as: intercultural interactions, small group communication, persuasion, public communication, race and gender, conflict resolution and interviewing and listening.

Students emphasizing Communication Studies focus on communication knowledge and skills that prepare them for a wide range of future careers in business, non-profit and public organizations.  Graduates are also well-positioned to pursue graduate programs in areas such as law, health care, education, social services and other advanced degree programs.

Students may earn credit for on-campus practical experiences with University media outlets, public relations and marketing, as well as teaching and research assistance to faculty. Communication majors intern throughout and beyond the local community at newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, social service organizations, government agencies, advertising and public relations firms, and many businesses and non-profit organizations.