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Southern Oregon University

Professor of Chemistry 

Office: Science 283

(541) 552-6410 









Educational Background

B.S. Chemistry (1983) Northern Arizona University

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (1988) Arizona State University

Postdoctoral Fellow (1988-1990) The Johns Hopkins University

Professional Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor 1990-1993 Department of Chemistry, Emory University

Visiting Associate Professor Summer 1997 - 2004 Department of Chemistry, University of Oregon

Joined the SOU Chemistry department in 1993

Department Chair 2004-2008; 2012

Teaching Areas

General Chemistry (Ch 201/2/3) with Laboratory(Ch 204/5/6)

Computer Applications in Chemistry (Ch 371)

Physical Chemistry (Ch 441/2/3) with Laboratory (Ch 444/5)

Special topics courses in quantum chemistry, statistical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and computational chemistry

Research Interests

Ab initio electronic structure theory as applied to prediction of molecular properties

Laser spectroscopy (Raman and laser-induced fluorescence)

Research in Progress

"Electronic Structure Calculations on Ionic Liquids" E. Vincent, L Larsen, and D.A. Chapman

"Determination of Liquid Crystal Order Parameters by Raman Spectroscopy" J. Margollis, J. Sorenson, M. Harsh, and D.A. Chapman

"Liquid Crystal Order Parameters from Optical Density Measurements" S. Keith and D.A. Chapman

"Electronic Structure Calculations on Ionic Liquids" E. Vincent and D.A. Chapman

"Comparison of Functionals in DFT Vibrational Frequency Calculations" H. E. Bailey and D. A. Chapman

"Raman and Computational Studies of Peroxide-Based Explosives" C. Kuhs and D.A. Chapman

"Quantum Calculations on Single-Layer Graphene" M. Workman and D. A. Chapman

"Determination of Rotameric Energy Differences in 1,2-Dihaloethanes Using Raman Spectroscopy" J. Wells and D.A. Chapman

"Investigation of Phase Transitions in Phospholipids Using Raman Spectroscopy" C. Wood and D.A. Chapman

Selected Publications and Presentations


"Spectroscopic and Computational Study of the Methanol-Cyclohexane Azeotrope" H. E. Bailey and D. A. Chapman, JUCR 11(3) 98-101 (2012).

"Determination of the Molecular Structure of a Binary Azeotrope" H. E. Bailey and D. A. Chapman, Poster Presentation, Southern Oregon Arts and Research Symposium, May 2012.

"Effects of Solvation on Molecular Geometry and Hydrogen Bonding of Ring-Dimer Acetic Acid" J.W. May and D.A. Chapman, Poster Presentation, Southern Oregon Arts and Research Symposium, May 2009.

"Why is Methylene a Ground State Triplet While Silylene is a Ground State Singlet?" R. West, Y. Apeloig, R. Pauncz, M. Karni, W. Steiner, and D. Chapman, Organometallics 22(16) 3250-3256 (2003).

"Spectroscopic Constants for Low Lying Electronic States of NH and PH" J. Hall and D. Chapman, poster presented at 2002 Spring National ACS Meeting.

"Ab initio Multireference Configuration Interaction and Coupled-Cluster Studies of Proton Transfer in (H3N-H-OH2)+ "S. Roszak, U. Kaldor, D. A. Chapman and J. J. Kaufman, J. Phys. Chem. 96, 2123 (1992).

"Time Dependence of OH Overtone Relaxation in the Hydroperoxyl Radical" D. A. Chapman, J. Bowman, and B. Gazdy, J. Chem. Phys. 96, 1919 (1992).

"Ab initio MRD-CI Calculations on Cubane (Neutral, Carbocation, Carboanion) and C-NO2 Dissociation of Nitrocubane Based on Localized Orbitals" D.A. Chapman, J.J. Kaufman, and R.J. Buenker, Int. J. Quantum Chem 39, 541 (1991).

"Transition Moments for Energy Transfers in Ar-Cl+ Collisions" D.A. Chapman, K. Balasubramanian, S.H. Lin, J.J. Kaufman, P.C. Hariharan, and W.S. Koski, Phys. Rev. A 39, 4428 (1989).

Electronic Structure Calculations on the Negative Ions of HBr and HI" D.A. Chapman, K. Balasubramanian, and S.H. Lin, Phys. Rev. A 38, 6098 (1989).

Professional Organizations and Affiliations

American Chemical Society

ACS Division of Chemical Education and Division of Chemical Physics

Sigma Xi

Omicron Delta Kappa

Phi Kappa Phi