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Southern Oregon University

Living the Map

Dan Seddequi2

Thursday, March 6 • 5:30 PM • SOU Recital Hall

After graduating from USC and failing to get hired, author Daniel Seddiqui set out to travel all 50 states and work 50 different jobs in 50 weeks. Why?

To explore the diverse careers, environments, and cultures offered in America. Upon completion of this epic journey major newscasters including NBC, Fox, CNN clamored for interviews. Planning ahead, Daniel journaled his journey, which became the basis for his insightful book, “Living the Map.”

Come join us as Daniel shares both his fascinating journey and subsequent research, including his local Oregon experience. All community members are invited and welcome, the event and parking are free.

To learn more about Daniel and his work, visit his Living the Map website.

Co-sponsored by the SOU Office of Career Connections and the School of Business.