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 Winter 15 Early Reg Graphic


BA 407 Digital Marketing - Winter 2015

BA 407 Working in Wine Industry - Winter 2015



Scholarship Opportunity 11-2014

Please contact Chava Florendo at or 541-552-6128 with any questions.

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Campus Theme Fall 2014   

Campus Theme Fall 2014 Presentations






Business Leaders

Speaking Series



Robert MacLellan, Founder of Pacific Coast Restaurants in Portland and former co-owner of Wendy’s in Southern Oregon, will speak on why Pacific Coast Restaurants was so successful.  Robert, who graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Business and was a multi-unit franchise operator of Blockbuster Video stores through the West, now serves as an active board member for the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation, and member of the St Mary’s Board.  In addition, Mr. MacLellan has served on the Southern Oregon University Foundation for 11 years, president for the last three years.







Robert MacLellan
  Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
  5:00-6:0 pm
  Meese Room - SOU Library 


Jamie Schectman is Co-founder and CEO of Mountain Rider’s Allilance – a group of people working together to create positive change in the ski industry.   

More information to come soon!!






Jamie Schectman
  Wednesday, February 17th, 2015
  12:30-1:30 pm
  Meese Room - SOU Library