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All Campus Banner Finance - Training Format

Welcome to the Business Services Training Page. The purpose of developing and hosting All Campus Training is to provide faculty and staff with information on SOU Financial Information Systems (FIS).  The focus of the FIS Banner SOU Workshops is General Accounting, General Budget, FIS Banner overview, Fiscal Year End Responsibilities, and overall All Campus Procedures. 

Individual training on how to conduct day-to-day business activities is trained through the Service Center.  The focus of this training is on division responsibilities in Purchasing/Invoices, Travel, Payroll, Budget, and working in FIS Banner screens.   You may get to the Service Center Web page through this link:  

Refer to Training Calendar (below) for ALL Campus Training dates for topics that cover a range of policy, procedures and responsibilities. 


NEXT Banner Finance (FIS) Training:


All Campus FIS Banner SOU Workshop

Friday, October 31, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM Faculty/Staff Accounting/Reports

10:00-11:30AM Faculty/Staff Travel

Location for Training: LIBRARY 114

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Walk-ins are welcome

UPCOMING Banner Finance (FIS) Training:

                                                         All Campus FIS Banner SOU Workshop

Friday, November 14, 2104

9:00 - 3:00 tba

Location:  LIBRARY 114

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All Campus "TRAINING CALENDAR" (below)

Business Services ensures that all campus departments are provided with general training on University Policy and Procedures throughout the academic year.  Business Services FIS Banner SOU Training Workshops are hosted for all campus typically during October, November, and March and open sessions are hosted about once a month.  Please RSVP to help with planning and note topic of interest.  Walk-ins are also welcome.  Location for Workshops is typcially the Hannon Library.  Monthly sessions are in Business Serivces or the Computer Science Building labs, PC East or PC West.

Dates and times will be posted on this website and on the Google Calendar.  Refer to "FIS All Campus Banner Training Calendar" that has been shared with FIS-Talk email group.


Overall Banner FIS Finance Training Resources

Note:  How to access online powerpoint presentations

Open new browser, Open Gmail, Open New Tab, go to MYSOU and navigate to Business Services website, Training page.

Banner training can be acquired through several resources including:

    •                 FIS Banner On-line Presentations - Self Paced
    •                 FIS Banner Training Workshops - All campus
    •                 FIS Banner Open Sessions - Banner core topic training (for Service Center & Campus)
    •                 FIS Banner - Individual Training for Banner skill-building through Service Center
    •                 FIS Banner Finance Training Manual

Individual Training

One-on-one training is available throughout the year for new or current employees or to meet specific needs within a department.  Please contact Service Center to arrange times for individual or specific training.

Please feel free to contact Business Services should you have any questions or your Service Center contact.

Business Services Central   Or  Service Center


Who to contact in Business Services

For overall Business Services planning and policy, contact Director Steve Larvick. email:

For questions regarding overall training in general Accounting, University Policies and/or SOU Procedures, contact Business Services Accounting Manager, Patti Eliot, (552-6065), email:  EmailIcon

For dates, times and registration of participants or to arrange for small group training, contact the Fiscal Coordinator in Business Services.  Contact Debbie Jones, (552-6631), email: EmailIcon

FIS training requests may be sent directly to: EmailIcon

For questions regarding day-to-day operations and/or training at Division levels, please contact Service Center, Director Brian Kinsey, [email:] for assistance.


Training Objectives

  • Banner FIS Training Manual, click here.
  • Reading budget balances
  • Reading Fund balances
  • Understanding Banner Finance index, fund, and organization code structure.
  • Navigation in Banner Finance
  • Journal voucher entry
  • Printing reading Banner Finance reports


Training Resources Contact

Debbie Jones, Fiscal Coordinator, Business Services
Email: EmailIcon
Phone:  541-552-6631

Online Training

FIS Banner On-line Training Presentations

Training topics are saved here as PowerPoint (PPTX) Presentations.  This enables faculty/staff to move through the presentations at their own pace.  These materials are the same as presented in the FIS Banner Training Workshops. 

The PPTX Presentations listed below cover a range of business topics and are bundled by areas of function for ease in working through self-paced training.  Topics include:  Accounting, Budget, Bursar, Contracts, Payroll,  Purchasing and more.  In addition, it is recommended you attend the FIS Banner Workshops for updates and to hear other unique subject matter.

Presentation Topics:  

Click on Topic heading below.  Sorted by function; Presentations in alpha-order.  You must be logged in to your SOU Gmail account in this browser in order to download these presentations.

FIS Banner Workshops

FIS Banner Training Workshops

SOU Banner Finance Workshops are hosted throughout the academic year.  The intention of Business Services hosting FIS Banner Training Workshops, is to provide faculty and staff of SOU with training on how to access on-line PowerPoint Presentations and to have opportunity to work directly with Business Services staff.  We recommend you plan to attend to learn details about new procedures that may come up throughout the year and to meet other campus FIS Banner users.

Typically the FIS Workshops are held in the Hannon Library Electronic classroom, Room 114, from 8:30AM -3:00PM.  All FIS Banner Training Workshops are supported by On-line Presentations (PPTX) and the information presented at the workshops is the same information stored on-line.

Schedule information will be posted here prior to Workshop.  RSVP:  EmailIcon

Reservations are recommended for the workshops in order for Business Services to plan and also to save a workstation.  However, the schedule is flexible and you are able to attend all subjects presented, or only a few. Walk-ins are welcome.

One advantage about attending a Workshop is that you are able to take notes on the PowerPoint presentation and save back to your Personal-drive. No need to print out all the presentation materials as you have ease of access both on the Business Services website and also your P-drive.

Presenters may include Business Services staff or other Department staff across campus.

Open Training - Banner skill building sessions

Business Services hosts Open Training Sessions most months with the purpose of building mid-level skills in Banner Finance. These sessions have a central focus but time is provided to work through individual issues with business service staff on hand. All faculty/staff on campus involved in Finance or Fund management are encouraged to attend to learn about reports, new or updated procedures, forms, process changes, work on our particular issues, or to share your ideas.

These Open Sessions are about an hour long and have a core topic but are basically open to work with campus attendees in Banner mid-level skill building.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend open sessions for answers on process or procedures, or to share ideas. 

Open Sessions – bring your work issues and/or ideas.

Typical core subjects would include:

    • How to run reports in FIS Banner and/or Cognos.
    • Accounts payable Invoices
    • Personal reimbursements
    • Procurement Card (PCard) use and clearing expense to Dept. Index
    • Fixed Assets
    • Banner questions related to accounting topics

Business Services Mission & Staff Page


Past Training

FY 14





Core Subjects

July 11-
July 23, 2013

Open Sessions (6)

ProcurementPCard module – training all campus to clear expense


October 25, 2013

FIS Banner


Payables; Procurement; FA; Travel; JV; Banner Screens, Web; Cognos Intro

November 14, 2013

Open Session


Records Retention; Accounts JVs; Payroll; Banner screens

Report Intro; Web site Tour

November 22, 2014

Open Session

Financial Reports

Understanding Financial Reports, Cognos Reports

January 28, 2014

Open Session

Financial Reports

Cognos Reports “how to”
and Banner Payables

February 26, 2014

Open Session

Financial Reports

Cognos Reports “how to”
and Banner FOAPAL

March 14, 2014

FIS Banner

Accounting & Reports

Cognos; Fund Types; Banner screens; Invoices; Inter Reim; PCards

May 2, 2014

FIS Banner


Closing of the Books & Reports

May 28 -
May 29, 2014

Open Session

Financial Reports

Cognos Reports

May  16, 2014

FIS Banner


Closing of the Books

June 3, 2014

Dept Cross

Service Center

FIS Banner; Procedural Tips; Skill building areas; Financial Structure, Understanding Reports & Revenue


FY 13







June 21 & 27, 2012

FIS Banner Workshop


Fin Irreg; Identify; Procurement; PSC; Detail Codes, C-Billing; Transfers; Payroll & Hiring

November 2, 2012

FIS Banner Workshop


Basics- GL; AP; Cash handling

November 30, 2012

FIS Banner Workshop


General-FOAPAL elements

March  1, 2013

Open session AM & PM


Banner screens; Manual Encumbrances; Tuition Re-Dist

April 2013

OUS Training

Business Services

Fraud Detection

May 23, 2013

FIS Banner Workshop


Closing of the Books

June 2013

FIS Banner Workshop


Pcard Module Intro



Meet Our Staff

Business Services staff is available to answer questions, explain policies or procedures, process flows and will  train FIS Banner Accounting. These staff members will assisnt in hosting FIS Banner Open Sessions and FIS Banner SOU Training Workshops. The core topics of the workshops will cover Accounting and Reporting, Cash Handling, Payroll, Printing and Copy services, and any all campus cross-Department subjects.

Please refer to Business Services Mission and Staff   page for a list of current staff and their roles. 


Steve Larvick, Director of Business Services

Patti Eliot, Accounting Manager





Victoria Vannice, Financial Services Office Specialist

General questions and RSVP training





Debbie Jones, Fiscal Coordinator

                           Reporting, Training and Workflow development




Jayne Atkins, Accountant

Loans and Fixed Assets





                     Ron Hoggarth, Accountant 

Grants and Chart Maintenance 





Jill Hernandez, Accounts Payable Specialist

                                           Procurement Card administration




Business Services

Southern Oregon University
Churchill Hall, Room 154
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520

QuestionIcon1 Please contact the Business Services Department   if you have questions or input you would like to share. training.