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Southern Oregon University

Services are available to all SOU departments, faculty, and students, provided the work is University-related. Material to be processed must be presented to duplicating with a work order signed with an authorized signature. Authorized signatures are kept on file in duplicating, and only orders with the proper signature and index code will be processed and priced at the department rates. 


Two self-service copiers are available for copying at a cost of $0.08 per copy. These machines have the ability to reduce or enlarge the copied image from 50% to 200% of the original size (linear measure, not area). One full-color copier is available at the base rate of $1.00 per 8.5 x 11 copy (more for larger sizes). This machine can reduce, enlarge, and reverse. See the attached rate schedule for departmental rates that apply to the two black and white and the one full-color copier.  

Departmental work done on the self-service copiers does not require a signed work order (we maintain a sign-out log), but all copies must be for campus-related activities. However, offset printing, high-speed duplicating, and any other services performed by SOU Printing and Copy Services employees require an approved department signature on an official work order. 

Campus Distribution Lists 

For on-campus general memos, notices, and flyers, SOU Printing and Copy Services works directly with Campus Mail Services to provide full printing and distribution service. Work orders for this service must clearly indicate the campus mailing list intended for distribution. SOU Printing and Copy Services can tab mailers or fold and insert mailings into envelopes. 

Making Master Copy - Ready for duplicating

  1. Print out the original text on 8 1/2 x 11 inch 20# white bond paper. Do not use erasable bond. Print on only one side of each sheet. Do not put text on both sides of the original, even if you want the copied pages reproduced back-to-back.  
  2. If you supply us with a poor quality original, we may have to hand-copy a set from the original at the normal labor rate to have a running copy for our copiers.  
  3. Leave a minimum of 1/4 inch margin at all four edges of every sheet. For best results, have a good printer with dark print and make certain the copy is clean.  
  4. To add illustrations or to insert revisions in the original copy, use white acetate tape or use magic mending tape and burnish to be sure a clear image shows through it. Better yet, try to avoid covering any typing or other image with tape at all. Avoid more than two thicknesses of paper on your finished paste up.  
  5. Signatures, rulings, or any images to be reproduced can be made with a repro black ballpoint or other pen that makes a black line. DO NOT USE PENCIL.  
  6. For notations that are not to be reproduced, mark lightly with a light blue pencil (Eagle non-photo blue #740-1/2 or Dixon azure #393). Be careful; some blue pencils do reproduce.  
  7. If you have two or more pages in your job, you must number the pages. The numbers can be on the backs of the copy-ready sheets if they would interfere with the appearance of the job otherwise. For jobs which are to include both single-sided and two-sided copies, be sure to indicate clearly on your work order exactly how the pages are to be arranged. The safest method is to number every page, skipping no numbers, so that front sides are all odd numbers and back sides are all even numbers. Add blank sheets wherever needed for blank, even-numbered back sides.  
  8. If you have printed copy that you want to reproduce, it need not be retyped if its present quality is acceptable to you. Quick Copy produces copies very close to the quality of the original. A sharp, black copy gives the clearest reproductions. If the original looks good to you, you will be satisfied with the reproduction.  
  9. Quick Copy equipment is designed primarily for line copy. Photographs and heavy solid areas do not reproduce well. If you desire better quality for this kind of work, we can advise you of our press rates and the job preparation requirements for the press.  
  10. Please file your originals to save for future jobs. If you make any revisions, please advise SOU Printing and Copy on the work order.  
  11. Upon filling out a work order, save the pink copy for your reference. After you receive your completed job, file the yellow copy of the work order for reference in the FIS (Banner Finance) system. The red number printed on the top of our work orders is used for reference in FIS. Most departments have one central file and one person responsible for reconciling the work orders against the FIS displays. 

Using Campus Mail to Send Copy Service Jobs or Paper Orders

Use one of the specially marked SOU Printing and Copy intra-campus envelopes. Campus Mail Services always recognizes our special envelopes and speeds them directly to us, so please never use our envelopes for any other purpose, as they will always be delivered to SOU Printing and Copy.

  1. If you do not have a supply of the SOU Printing and Copy envelopes, please call and we will send some to you. You may use regular intra-campus envelopes if you do not have any special envelopes.  
  2. Please be sure the completed SOU Printing and Copy work order and the copy-ready masters are all in order, clean and with numbered pages, etc., because anything that is missing or unclear will require phone calls and delays while we determine what your true requirements are.

Placing Orders to be Delivered to Your Office

  1. Place your order on a SOU Printing and Copy work order, always saving pink copy for your files.  
  2. Specify exactly the supplies you wish to receive. Call if you have questions about inventory, prices, or colors.  
  3. The Physical Plant will deliver in full case quantities only. Usually a case holds 10 reams.  
  4. Please do not combine print or copying orders with orders for cases of paper supplies.  
  5. The orders for paper supplies have to be received in duplicating by 12:00 noon on Wednesday to make delivery on Thursday.