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Southern Oregon University


 Sciences RM 384

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, OR  97520

(541) 552-6799



Dr. Oline's home page




B.S. Physics (1985) Stanford University

Ph.D. Biology (2001) University of Colorado, 2001

Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School, 1997



Genetics (Bi341)

Evolution (Bi348)

Molecular Biology (Bi425)

The New Sciences of Complexity (Bi381)


Research Interests:

Dr. Oline is currently engaged in several projects involving population genetics and phylogeography in trees.  Recently he has looked at geographic variation in chloroplast haplotypes to search for evidence of a cryptic barrier between noble fir and California red fir - but instead the results pointed towards a broad zone of hybridization between the species as well as genetic differences between the two disjunct populations described as Shasta red fir.  He has also in the process of sequencing chloroplast DNA from populations of whitebark pine across a broad geographical area to try and determine some of the historical processess and gene flow.  He has also begun a collaboration with Emeritus Professor Darlene Southworth to link the above-ground phylogeography of Garry oak with the below-ground patterns of mycorrhizal diversity across the entire species' range. Dr. Oline is also interested in using molecular techniques to assess patterns of micobial biodiversity and biogeography in natural envioronments, and is currently investigating the microbial communities of unvegetated ultrahomogenous dry lakebeds as simple model systems for microbial biogeography.




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