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Southern Oregon University

As the student government of Southern Oregon University, and as part of the Oregon Student Association, ASSOU fights for issues that matter to students. In 2014, we secured $500,000 from the Oregon Legislature to prevent some cuts to programs and faculty positions at SOU. That victory would not have been possible without the persistence and dedication of SOU students. 

  • Reinvestment in Higher Education: cuts in state funding are the #1 reason schools like SOU must raise tuition and make cuts. State divestment means fewer opportunities for us and for those who come after. ASSOU is leading the Oregon Opportunity Movement to demand reinvestment in public universities and our future.
  • Voter registration: when students vote, legislators pay more attention to our issues. During spring term, ASSOU will help each student register to vote at their current address.
  • Cultural Competency: the cultural competency campaign is a campaign to promote the environment of cultural agility across campus. With cultural agility we seek to create a more inclusive learning environment on this campus. In an inclusive environment, people from diverse backgrounds are promoted to be more themselves, this leads to a true diversity for our institution.

Past Issues 2013-2014


  • Fair housing: many students face unfair discrimination when looking for housing in Ashland. To make sure students applicants are assessed on individual merits and not on stereotypes, ASSOU is working to amend the local fair housing law. We hope to make housing ads that say "no students" a thing of the past.
  • Campus accessibility: students with disabilities should be able to get around campus safely. ASSOU is fighting to make the SOU facilities accessible as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Student fee autonomy: each student pays a fee every term that funds clubs, the Stevenson Union, the Student Health & Wellness Center, and many other programs and services. To make sure students have full control over how that money is spent, ASSOU is working to improve the fee allocation process.


You can get involved as an intern or volunteer, or contact us with questions.