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Southern Oregon University

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Riley McDuffey


ASSOU 2016-2017

Major: Political Science

Minor: Military Science

Leadership Experience:

  • U.S. Army Infantryman
  • ROTC Cadet
  • Bus Project Volunteer

Pronouns: My name

About Me:

I ran for this position because my veteran constituents needed strong representation in student government. I took the oppurtunity to become a positive force for Non-Traditional and Veteran students by doing what I can to improve their lives. I like new releases on netflix, intelligent political conversations, and carbohydrates. I dislike bad hip hop, obvious grammar/spelling mistakes, and injustice.


Constituents include any member of the ASSOU who is a nontraditional student; or who is currently a part of or has ever been a part of the Armed Services and has served in good standing; or who have attended a class at the Higher Education Center for at least one term during the academic year. 

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