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Jordan Mortimore  Chief Justice

jst AstJustice Jordan-Mortimore2013-2014

ASSOU term 2014 - 2015

Class: 2015

About Me:

About Jordan Mortior; While I am a native Oregonian, my hometown being Eugene, I spent much of my life living in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, namely the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Macedonia, and Kosovo, during which time my father worked as a private legal consultant for foreign governments and major NGOs. Much of the rest of my family is also employed by a justice system of some form or another, meaning that I was raised in a very legalistic environment. Indeed, for much of my life I planned to attend law school after my undergraduate work, however recently my attention has shifted in the direction of private political consulting. Nevertheless my interest in legal affairs remains, one of the major reasons I was drawn towards the ASSOU judicial department.

Job Description for The Chief Justice

  •   The Chief Justice shall be the chair of all Judicial Branch Meetings.
  • The Chief Justice shall facilitate the work of the Judicial Branch.
  • The Chief Justice shall abstain from voting except when it is necessary to break a tie.
  • The Chief Justice shall sit on the Heads of Government committee.
  • The Chief Justice shall post and attend Weekly offices hours in order that the Chief stay accessible for ASSOU and the student body.
  • The Chief Justice shall work with the University Coordinator, Student Conduct and Co-Curricular Accommodations and other members of ASSOU to facilitate Student Conduct Board

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