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Southern Oregon University

An advising plan is a set of courses to be completed within the next few terms. Making an advising plan is an opportunity for students to discuss their goals with their advisor.  Southern Oregon University requires all students to have an advising plan and those plans must be updated at least annually with their advisor. Advisors may require students to meet with them more than once a year, if necessary.

What if I don't have an advising plan?

If an advising plan is expired or is not entered by an advisor, a registration hold will be placed on your student account and you will not be eligible to register for the next term until an updated plan is entered. 

How do I know if I need an advising plan?

You will need an advising plan if you have not met with an advisor in the past year (note: some plans may be shorter). Students are contacted through their student e-mail account 30 days prior to the expiration of their advising plan - allowing them ample opportunity to meet with their advisor. 

How do I get an advising plan?

Meet with your advisor to discuss your advising plan. 

What if I don't know who my advisor is, or I don't have one?

  • Students with a declared major (or students who know what major they want to declare), need to meet with a faculty advisor within that major - see the department or program for more information.
  • Undeclared students in a First-Year Seminar course need to meet with their Seminar Instructor.
  • Undeclared students not enrolled in a Seminar course may meet with an Academic Advisor in Academic Support Programs - please call 541-552-6213 to schedule an appointment.

Can I see who my advisor is in MySOU?

Yes! Go to your Student SISWeb tab and look on the left hand side under Academic Profile.  If you have an assigned advisor you will see their name.  You can click on the advisor name for e-mail information.  If an advisor name does not appear, follow the advice above to get an advisor.

Why do I need an advising plan?

SOU is committed to supporting our students in their academic goals.  The university wants to ensure all students have an opportunity to discuss their plans and create goals for completing their education and future planning. Advising plans are also an essential tool for students to complete their degrees in a timely manner.