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Second Language Requirement

What is the requirement?
The second language requirement is defined by the completion of an acceptable second language through coursework in high school/college or by the demonstration of knowledge and/or proficiency in a second language.

If admitted by exception, two quarters or semesters of a college-level second language will be required prior to degree completion to make up the admission deficiency.

Who must meet the requirement?
The requirement applies to all admitted undergraduate students who graduated from high school in or after 1997. New freshmen and transfer students who graduated from high school or completed a high school equivalency program prior to 1997 are exempted from the second language requirement.

Can exceptions to the requirement be made?
Yes, students without two years of a second language can be admitted by exception. However, students admitted by exception must make up the admission deficiency prior to degree completion.


For more information about the Second Language Requirement, visit the SOU catalog