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Southern Oregon University

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Intensive English Program

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Southern Oregon University provides a dynamic and innovative learning environment for academically and professionally-bound students studying English as a second language.  SOU does not offer admission to the IEP only, students must apply and receive conditional admission to an SOU major or graduate program to enroll in the IEP.

Students enrolled in the IEP build practical English skills for general, academic, and professional purposes.  The program offers four regular sessions with special summer programs.  Each session lasts nine to ten weeks.  Length of time in and successful completion of the program will depend on the student's English ability when enrolling.  IEP classes meet four daily, five days per week.

While in the IEP program, students receive the same level of services and access to facilities that are available to other students enrolled at SOU.

To apply to SOU and the IEP, follow the steps necessary to apply for international student admission.