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Additional Information

Additional Graduate Program Information

Student Responsibility
Graduate students are expected to know the requirements for the programs they undertake. While Southern Oregon University assists each student as much as possible, the responsibility for any error in enrollment or misinterpretation of rules rests with the student.

Course Exclusions
Graduate credit by examination, in-service, professional growth courses, and continuing professional education courses are not acceptable in graduate programs.

Prior and Transfer Credit Limitations
A student may include only 16 quarter credits of approved graduate coursework taken prior to regular admission to a master’s degree program at the University. This limitation applies to coursework taken at Southern Oregon University and coursework transferred from other institutions. Such courses must be appropriate for the master’s degree program to which the student is admitted and must be approved by the major advisor and graduate program coordinator. All transfer credit must be supported by official transcripts sent directly from the school of origin to Admissions.

Acceptance of any transfer credit is the prerogative of the degree-granting institution.

Time Limitation
All courses included in the SOU program for a master’s degree must be seven years old or less at the time the degree is completed. However, with the approval of the Office of Graduate Studies, up to 12 credits of courses over seven years old but less than ten years old at degree completion may be included if they have been updated and validated by the academic program. Upon program completion, courses taken ten years ago or longer must be replaced even if they have previously been updated.

Master of Arts vs. Master of Science
The Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees differ only in the foreign language requirement. To receive an Master of Arts degree, students must demonstrate fluency in a second language. U.S. students who have completed two years of study in one foreign language at an accredited college or university automatically meet the second language requirement for the Master of Arts degree.

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate assistantships are available in some academic departments and administrative units. To hold a graduate assistantship, students must gain regular admission to a master’s degree program. They must also have an approved master’s degree program on file no later than the first week of the initial term of appointment as a graduate assistant and must successfully pursue the program at a rate defined in the General Regulations for Appointment of Graduate Assistants.