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Southern Oregon University

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Accelerated Baccalaureate Program

The Accelerated Baccalaureate Program allows you to earn your bachelor's degree in just three years, saving you a year's worth of tuition and other college expenses.

The Accelerated Baccalaureate program reduces the number of credits required for graduation by taking into account your high school work. With a reduction in the number of credits required to graduate, you will be able take normal course loads, have time to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and still complete your college degree in just three years.

The Accelerated Baccalureate is only available to freshman students, since the program's credit reductions would not benefit transfer students.

This program is only available for selected majors, although you can choose to complete a minor or certificate from any department on campus.

Visit the Accelerated Baccalureate program page for additional information and application.