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Southern Oregon University

What is Banner Self Service (SISWeb)?

Banner Self-Service is a secure, interactive web application that allows you to easily view your own student, faculty, or staff data. Banner Self-Service is available 24/7 with the exception of the 1st Saturday of each month and between the hours of 2:30am and 3:30am each Saturday. The next scheduled maintenance is displayed on this page in the announcement box by the Log On icon. Please read our Privacy Policy thoroughly before logging on to Banner Self-Service. For payment policies, payment options, and fee refund information, please visit our Payment Policies site. Please view our contact list for HELP with Banner Self-Service.

If you are not a current student (enrolled for current term) and do not have a MySOU account or if MySOU is unavailable, please click on the "Former Students Login" button below to log into Banner Self-Service (SISWeb).

If you are a friend or family member and would like to make a payment, please have the student set up access for you in our online payment system (CashNet) which they can access from Banner Self-Service. Once you have access, you can go to the SOU Payment Options page and set up your payment.

What Can I do with Banner Self-Service?



  • Register and View Schedule
  • Check Wait List Status
  • Grades and Transcripts
  • Run Degree Evaluation
  • Order Enrollment Verifications
  • View/Update Addresses
  • View Account Information, Holds, and Bills
  • Make Payments
  • Make Purchases (Parking, Swimming, Fitness Center)
  • View 1098-T Tax Information


  • View Rosters and Wait Lists
  • Enter Registration Overrides
  • Enter and Change Grades
  • View Advisees Information
  • Run Degree Evaluation

Faculty and Staff

  • Make Purchases (Parking, Swimming, Fitness Center)
  • View Current Benefits and Deductions
  • View Payroll Earnings and Leave AccrualsView Other Personnel Records

Accessing Banner Self-Service

Current students, faculty, and staff, please use MySOU to access SISWeb. MySOU provides one-stop access to Banner Self-Service (SISWeb), Moodle, email and much more. MySOU is packed with features that will make your day more efficient and entertaining. You'll find easy access to campus services, information, and communications with only a single login. And... you'll be able to personalize the portal to include items that you like or use the most. MySOU includes custom SISWeb channels as well as access to the full SISWeb menu.

If you are not a currently enrolled student and do not have a MySOU account or if MySOU is unavailable, please use the Former Students Login button below to log directly into Self-Service (SISWeb).

Former Students Login Current Student and Faculty click here to Log On into SisWeb through MySOU

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